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TAKADA WELD 7018 (MT-48) Welding Electrode (5kg) (AWS E7018)
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Size (L x W x H) 7.5 cm x 41 cm x 8 cm
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AWS E7018 Certified Welding Electrode

MT-48 (E7018) is an iron power coated electrode with low hydrogen composition used for high tensile class steel. It exhibits excellent mechanical properties, with constant tensile strength, improved deposition rate, toughness and superior crack resistance. The electrode provides good weldability with both AC and DCEP polarity, and is able to weld in all positions with efficiency.
Able to weld plain carbon steel, mild steel and low alloy steel. MT-48 is used for 490MPa class high tensile steel all position welding, common in the fields of shipbuilding, machine and structural steel fabrications.

What's in the box

5kg carton(s) of E7018 Welding Electrode