TANAMAX CUT 60S Plasma Cutter
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Size (L x W x H) 61 cm x 34 cm x 43 cm
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The Right Plasma Cutter for Various Metal Cutting Jobs

Cutting Performance

CUT 60S is designed to deliver reliable performance, it can pierce up to 8mm mild steel material. The machine delivers fast cutting performance and enables smooth incisions, which results in a bright and clean result. You can expect less edge bevel and superior edge quality compared to competing cutting systems.



Though packed in a medium-small form factor, the CUT 60S can stand up to hard jobs. It delivers arc starts without high frequency, providing superior consumable life. In addition, its housing protection grade of IP21S enables the machine to be used in a semi rugged use, whether indoors or outdoors. The machine also has in-built overheating protection.


Ease of use

The CUT 60S requires little time and effort to set up. The digital controls are simple to operate and are user-friendly. There is also an indicator to check gas and gas cut-off delay timing.


What's in the box

1 x TANAMAX CUT 60S Plasma Cutter Machine

1x Air filter regulator

1x Earth Clamp (2m)

1x 8m Plasma Torch PT31